Making Money to Run a Household

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When it comes to making money, the first thing most people is the full-time job–but there are other options.

Especially in the current economic climate, but any time, really–it is a risky move to only have a single income source. I learned this the hard way when, as a single mother, I lost my job the day before the day I would have returned to work from maternity leave. I was without an income, and had a baby to support. I needed money–immediately. But it can take quite a while to get a “normal” job–at least, not those hiring for the kind of job I needed to make the money to support my family.

When it comes to earning money, it’s good to stay open minded. Some methods will undoubtedly work better for you, depending on your skills and personality. If you’re not sure what method you’re most comfortable, it might be helpful to give a few methods a trial run. Keep in mind that you may need to learn a few new skills or procedures, but this is not an insurmountable challenge, if you’re determined.

Ways to Make Some Extra Cash – and Maybe Replace Your Full-time Job!

Selling on Ebay
Selling on Amazon Marketplace

Selling Thrift Store Finds – Online
Selling Photographs
Selling on Craigslist
Work From Home
Start a Business
Freelance Jobs
Temp Agency Jobs
Substitute Teaching and other Substitute Jobs
Blog on Squidoo Pages
Blog on
Blog on your own, privately hosted URL

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