Want a $25 Credit When You Order the New Nintendo 3DS Console? One Popular Site is Offering Just That!

March 31, 2011

NOTE: The credit mentioned in this post is no longer being offered by Amazon because the deal has expired. This post is being retained for reference purposes only. Curious to see if Nintendo’s newest handheld gaming device would sell out at some point, I’ve been keeping tabs on the availability of the 3DS. Although the […]

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Reasons to Buy 3D Bluray Movies Now — Even If You Don’t Have a 3D TV

March 24, 2011

I’ve always loved movies. As a kid with a few bucks to spend here and there–when VHS tapes were still the only consumer movie format available but DVDs were about to hit the market–I held back from purchasing VHS movies because I knew how much better DVDs were going to be. And I didn’t want […]

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8 Reasons Moms Love the Amazon Kindle

March 9, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, I think the Kindle is Awesome, for several reasons. The following are reasons that moms will love the Kindle. Kindle Benefits For Moms: Takes Very Little Space in Your House, Luggage, or Tote Bag — The Kindle’s so small, you can pretty much take it anywhere you’d take a paperback.  (It’s […]

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Get Creative! – Save Money, Get Better Protection for Your Cell Phone

February 26, 2011
Thumbnail image for Get Creative! – Save Money, Get Better Protection for Your Cell Phone

I recently bought a Rumor Touch cell phone to replace my old Samsung Ace, which had stopped working. I chose the Rumor Touch because it was the only one available from Sprint that met my basic “wants” in a phone – it featured a touch screen (something I had been wanting for a while), it […]

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A Cheapskate’s Guide to Landing the Best Deal on Ebay

February 23, 2011

1. Set Your Buying Goals Decide exactly what you want to buy. Then, decide if there are any variations of the product that you’re willing to buy as a second choice. Why is this necessary? Because to get the best value on Ebay, you need to buy what you want. Sounds obvious, right? But think […]

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Amazon Prime’s Newly Revealed “Secret” Benefit – How to Get Free Online Movies

February 22, 2011 offers a their Amazon Prime membership to help frequent shoppers save money on fast (2-day) shipping. Once they’ve signed up for Prime, shoppers receive free 2-day shipping on all eligible items on This free fast shipping on Amazon is particularly nice to have when the time nears for a gift-giving occasion such as […]

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6 Top Features of the Amazon Kindle – and Why They’re Cool

February 21, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I have decided that the Amazon e-book reader–called the Kindle–is pretty awesome. And as Amazon’s top-selling product, it seems that the more book lovers and reading enthusiasts hear about the Kindle, the more they’re eager to try it out for themselves. The following are a few of the […]

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With Old Cell Phones Multiplying Like Freakin’ Bunnies In Your Sock Drawer . . . What’s a Gal – or Guy – to Do?

February 17, 2011

The Cell Phone Upgrade Phenomena Each of the major cell phone plans will let it’s customers upgrade to a new cell phone every year or two. This upgrade is offered at a discounted price–sometimes even for free. (My personal experience with this is with Verizon and Sprint.) This upgrade policy makes good business sense for […]

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