Strategic Gift Shopping: How to Save Money on Everything You Buy

August 25, 2011

I’m not one of those people who starts my holiday shopping 3 months in advance. No, it’s much more serious than that. I buy holiday gifts every month out of the year–because that’s the way to save the most money. This works GREAT when you’re shopping for adults but can be slightly more challenging when […]

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What Is Amazon Prime — and How Joining Can Save You Money

July 28, 2011

Amazon Prime is’s membership-only special shipping program. To join the Amazon Prime program, a customer simply signs up for the program and pays the annual fee. There’s also a free Amazon Prime trial. For years, I was always a Free Amazon Super Saver Shipping girl. (Most items sold and shipped by Amazon are eligible […]

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Should You Trust Amazon Product Reviews? Evidence in the Face of Opposition.

July 3, 2011

Recently, I’ve seen a couple of articles around on the Internet suggesting that some product reviews may be fraudulent–or misleading, at the very least. Specifically under attack were the reviews by members of Amazon’s special reviewers group called the Amazon Vine. Through the Amazon Vine program, Vine Voices–what the Amazon Vine reviewers are called–get […]

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 6, CABIN FEVER — Releasing November 2011

June 28, 2011

Earlier this week, I discovered with great excitement that Amulet books has announced the release of Jeff Kinney’s installment in his bestselling series:  Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 6 — Cabin Fever . Currently, Cabin Fever is available for pre-order on for 20 percent off list price. (I like to pre-order my favorite […]

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Changing Prices on Driving You Crazy? 3 Ways to Regain Your Sanity.

June 16, 2011

Today’s Phenomenon: The Never-ending Roller Coaster of Retail Pricing Have you ever noticed that the prices at your favorite retailer are in a constant state of flux? This is true regardless of whether you’re  talking about a big-box, general merchandise store like Wal-mart or Target, a grocery store like Giant Food or Safeway, or a […]

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Surprise! Amazon Offers Fresh Groceries for Home Delivery — If You Live in the Right Place

June 2, 2011

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered the Amazon Fresh website. Amazon Fresh is an Amazon company that sells a wide variety of fresh produce, dairy, meat, seafood, bread, beer, wine, and more. I was quickly disappointed, however, to discover that Amazon Fresh is currently only delivering to addresses in Seattle, Washington. Darn it!   […]

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Love 3D? Check Out These Top Animated Movies Now Available for 3D TVs

April 21, 2011

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m definitely on-board with the whole concept of watching 3D movies at home. (In fact, just 2 weeks ago, I bought the Disney’s new movie Tangled in 3D, even though I don’t have a 3D TV yet. (I talk about why in my post Reasons to Buy 3D Bluray Movies Now […]

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How to Build the Perfect Easter Basket — 9 Great Ideas That Will Leave the Easter Bunny Turning Green

April 9, 2011
Thumbnail image for How to Build the Perfect Easter Basket — 9 Great Ideas That Will Leave the Easter Bunny Turning Green

I’m kinda lucky. My son, who is now 10, has never been as voracious a candy-lover as I am. I’m sure this will serve him well as he grows into adulthood, as it will be easier to focus more on the healthy stuff without having to think about it. Don’t get me wrong–he definitely likes […]

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