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Who Else Wants to List For Free On Ebay? 50 Free Listings Monthly — If You Meet the Requirements

March 16, 2011

Ebay has just announced their new special pricing for sellers. Starting April 19, 2011, a seller can list up to 50 FREE EBAY LISTINGS per month. Listings must be auction-style rather than fixed price (also known as Buy it Now). Sellers can also ADD “Buy It Now” to these auctions for free. This special pricing […]

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How to Make Your House Pay for Itself – at Least a Little

February 24, 2011

Renting Out a Room When the economy is bad – and even when it’s not – it seems like the bills can get out of hand even before we realize what’s happening. So a creative family must devise ways to get those bills paid. There are different ways of doing this, of course. Here, the […]

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A Moral Person’s Guide to Making More Money Online – While Making the World a Better Place

February 21, 2011

While perusing a few of my favorite blogs this morning, I found a great post on entitled The Idealist’s Guide to Raking in Tons of Cash. In a nutshell, the point author Sonia Simone–co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger media– makes is this: that businesses should prioritize making the world a better place – not […]

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With Old Cell Phones Multiplying Like Freakin’ Bunnies In Your Sock Drawer . . . What’s a Gal – or Guy – to Do?

February 17, 2011

The Cell Phone Upgrade Phenomena Each of the major cell phone plans will let it’s customers upgrade to a new cell phone every year or two. This upgrade is offered at a discounted price–sometimes even for free. (My personal experience with this is with Verizon and Sprint.) This upgrade policy makes good business sense for […]

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Beware, Ebay Sellers – Ebay Listing Glitch Could Cost You Money

February 9, 2011

I was recently “caught” by an obscure oddity in Ebay’s listing process that’s causing me all kinds of problems. I’m just hoping that Ebay doesn’t require me to “eat” the extra cost I’ll incur by shipping the items in question. When listing an item on Ebay. you are asked to fill out a shipping section. […]

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12 Part-time Jobs to Increase Your Income – While Keeping Your Full-time Job

February 2, 2011

Sometimes, bills can just creep up on you. Maybe you’ve had a special event in your life that’s been extra-hard on your pocketbook. These kinds of events could include the birth of a child, a wedding, someone in the family attending college classes, medical procedures, or buying a house. Or maybe, hit by a recession […]

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Free Ebay Listing Problem : Listing Isn’t Free — Problem Solved

January 31, 2011

Why My Ebay Listings Weren’t Coming Out Free On numerous occasions during Ebay’s free listing promotion, I would try to post a listing, but it wouldn’t come out free. After much hair-pulling, I figured out this was only happening when I was trying to re-list an item that had not sold previously. Instead of coming […]

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How to Make Money Online – Selling Thrift Store Treasures

January 30, 2011
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The poor economy has actually provided many with the incentive they needed to reinvent themselves–in ways they never thought possible before their finances hit rock-bottom.  Many people rose up to start their own businesses: and you can, too. If you have a thrift store in your neighborhood, you may have an excellent source of great […]

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