How to Keep Halloween Fun–and Avoid that “Too Much Halloween” Feeling

October 31, 2011

For the first time ever, my son–who’s 11 years old now–suggested that he might be a bit tired of Halloween. At first, I was gripped with a fear that he might be getting “too old” for the holiday–until I realized that this didn’t make any sense, considering plenty of adults–myself, included–still love Halloween as much […]

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School Closed Due to Bad Weather : How to Keep Kids from Falling Behind

September 9, 2011

We’ve just finished the second official week of school, and the schools have already had to close for 2 days due to bad weather. No, we’ve not been hit with a snowstorm in September: it’s good-ole’ rain–lots of it. It’s been raining so much that some local roads are flooding, preventing the transportation of kids […]

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Beware Parents: YouTube Movie Trailer for “30 Minutes or Less” Reveals Shocking Content

August 13, 2011

When my family saw the trailer on Comcast for the movie 30 Minutes or Less, it appeared to be your typical humorous–although violent–film. The premise: a young man named Nick gets into trouble with some dangerous criminals who strap a bomb to his chest and threaten to explode it. The only way Nick can avoid […]

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Benefits of Playing Video Games — and How Gaming Inspires a Love of Learning

July 31, 2011

Most of the buzz you hear about video games in the parenting community is the bad stuff. How video games take time away from homework (true), can cause isolation (true in some contexts, but certainly not all), and cause obesity (true in some contexts). But you don’t hear much about the good stuff. Well, here’s […]

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Stuff to Do During the Summer — Keeping Kids Busy While Teaching New Skills | Summer Camps, Reading Groups, and More

May 19, 2011

If you’re like me and you have to work out of the home, you want to make your summer extra-special for your kids. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be able to stay home with your kids full-time. Whatever your situation, there are lots of options when it comes to finding awesome activities for your […]

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LOL Stations Review — Entertainment for Teens, Birthday Parties, and More

May 15, 2011

This weekend, my 10-year-old son attended a birthday party at Laugh Out Loud (LOL) Stations—an  entertainment facility for older kids, tweens, teenagers, and (sort of) adults. Noise Level The first thing you will notice (you can’t HELP but notice) is that the entire inside area is extremely loud. There’s loud music, kids yelling, bouncing balls, […]

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How to Imrpove Your Child’s Test Scores | 5 Steps to Improvement + 11 Ideas For an Effective Plan of Action

May 11, 2011

It’s often a shock when you first find out that your child has received a bad test score. But whether you child’s scores have been slowly falling over time or have taken a sudden drop, it’s important to deal with the situation positively–and quickly–to fix  the problem. Steps to Improving Your Child’s Test Scores 1. […]

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How to Help Your Child Choose the Best Musical Instrument to Play | 4 Questions to Ask

May 9, 2011

With my son entering fifth grade next year, the time has come (so the school tells me) for him to choose an instrument to play for band. Choosing the right instrument at this stage is more important than it might seem at first because it will determine what he can choose when going into middle […]

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