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How to Watch Amazon Videos on TV | An Easy Guide

September 6, 2011

To watch Amazon Instant videos–whether they’re the free movies or TV shows you get with your Amazon Prime account or one’s you pay for–you’ve got to have either a TV that’s already compatible with the way Amazon delivers their instant (over-the-Internet) videos, or you’ve got to have a compatible device to add on to your […]

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Snapple Facts: How Your Beverage Can Make You Smarter (An Ongoing Collection)

July 13, 2011

My family recently rediscovered the deliciousness–and healthfulness–of Snapple teas. We’ve also been getting a kick out of reading the fun facts on the bottom of each 16-ounce Snapple cap. And it turns out that there are a lot of them! This post will be a continuing log of our Snapple Facts cap collection. Please feel […]

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When My Mom Can’t Open a Jar, She Resorts to Extreme Methods (funny picture)

June 21, 2011

When I came home from work this afternoon, I discovered this on my counter. My mother had apparently gotten in the mood for some “Marion Berry Jam,” but had a bit of trouble with the lid.  (That’s my guess, anyway. . . .) Kids, adults–DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME–or anywhere else, for that matter! Please! […]

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LOL Stations Review — Entertainment for Teens, Birthday Parties, and More

May 15, 2011

This weekend, my 10-year-old son attended a birthday party at Laugh Out Loud (LOL) Stations—an  entertainment facility for older kids, tweens, teenagers, and (sort of) adults. Noise Level The first thing you will notice (you can’t HELP but notice) is that the entire inside area is extremely loud. There’s loud music, kids yelling, bouncing balls, […]

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13 Things Smart People Do During TV Commercials | Making Cookies and Other Fun Stuff

April 18, 2011

When I was taking advertising classes during college, I admit I watched TV commercials pretty intensely–because I was trying to learn about them: what makes a good one, and what makes them dreadful. But once I aced the classes, I was back to my standard TV watching habits: only watching TV commercials at key times, […]

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Who Else Wants a Free Angry Birds App for Their Android Device?

March 26, 2011

I recently discovered that Amazon.com is offering a free Angry Birds App for Android devices. Amazon states that the Angry Birds App will only be  offered for free for a limited time–so anyone who wants it might want to download it ASAP. Amazon also has really cute Angry Birds Plushies, which would be awesomely cute […]

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8 Reasons Moms Love the Amazon Kindle

March 9, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, I think the Kindle is Awesome, for several reasons. The following are reasons that moms will love the Kindle. Kindle Benefits For Moms: Takes Very Little Space in Your House, Luggage, or Tote Bag — The Kindle’s so small, you can pretty much take it anywhere you’d take a paperback.  (It’s […]

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5 Cool Ways to Celebrate Presidents’ Day with Your Family

February 16, 2011

Originally known as George Washington’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day is not a day that Americans honor all their past presidents. Presidents’ Day falls on the third Monday of February each year; in 2011, Presidents’ Day is February 21. I’ll admit, Presidents’ Day isn’t exactly my favorite holiday. The best thing about the day is that I […]

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