Is Your Local Best Buy Store in Danger of Closing?

by Nindo Mom on April 22, 2012

Best Buy announced March 29 that it will be closing 50 of its 1,100 U.S. stores in 2012.

Is your Best Buy one of those to be shut down?

Best Buy spokesperson Sue Busch Nehring says the retailer isn’t yet prepared to announce the details of which stores will be closed–but that specifics will be announced once decisions have been finalized.

As an avid customer of electronics, I’d be sorry to see my local Best Buy store shut down. Currently, it’s the best local option for examining electronics products before buying them–mainly because Best Buy has the best on-hand selection. Other benefits to shopping at Best Buy include:

  • special financing promotions, like 12 or 18 months no-interest financing. (That’s something that, until recently, online retailers like Amazon couldn’t match.)
  • sales associates can be knowledgeable about the product you want to buy, and can answer questions
  • Best Buy’s Geek Squad is a place where you can have your electronics (like computers) repaired.
  • purchasing local means getting your electronics the same day you pay for them (for in-stock items)
  • no shipping costs

I’ll be honest: if the gadget I want is cheapest online, I’m going to buy it online. UNLESS I need the gadget right away, in which case I’ll be purchasing it at a local retail store–even if I have to pay a bit more. This can sometimes be the case with electronics or software needed for school projects, or if the item I need is for a gift for someone (and I didn’t plan well enough in advance to purchase online.) Other items I rarely purchase online are heavier electronics products such as TVs, for which shipping (or return shipping) costs can be substantial.

Do you prefer to purchase electronics online, or in a retail store? What are your reasons? Leave a comment and join the discussion!

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