Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Program — What You Should Know Before You Sign Up (A Review)

by Nindo Mom on September 1, 2011’s Subscribe and Save program saves you as much as 30 percent on items on consumable items you’d buy anyway:  15 percent off eligible products for all customers, plus an additional 15 percent off select diapers and wipes.

Sign up for (or learn more about) the Amazon Subscribe and Save program.

Things You Should Know Before Signing Up for Subscribe and Save Products:

1. Subscribe and Save items ARE offered at discount. But Beware . . .
the final price MAY not be as low as  those you could find at your local retail store. It really depends on the product, your local store’s pricing, etc. The point being that you shouldn’t automatically assume that the online price will be cheaper–be an informed shopper. That being said, keep in mind that on Amazon, you won’t pay tax–so that’s like an ADDITIONAL built-in discount. Plus, anything you buy through the Subscribe and Save program is shipped to you for free–which means you save the gas money you’d have spent driving to the store–or possibly several stores, if you had trouble finding the item. All these savings can add up quickly!

2. Not all item on Amazon are available through the Subscribe and Save Program.

This being said, Amazon does have a pretty good selection of  Subscribe and Save items. A few examples of the most popular Subscribe and Save items include:

  • Groceries:  Teas and coffees, snacks and candy, international foods, breakfast foods, organic food items, healthy foods
  • Baby / Child Items:  Diapers, baby formula, baby food
  • Household:  Paper towels, water filters, cleaning supplies
  • Beauty and Grooming:  Hair growth supplies, cotton swabs, sunblock, beauty supplies, sanitizing hand wipes, shampoos and conditioners
  • Pet Supplies:  Pet food, cat litter

3. Subscribe and Save program items will be shipped to you AUTOMATICALLY

on whatever schedule you requested at signup. However, you CAN cancel your subscription at any time–even right after your first shipment is sent to you. It’s easy to cancel just by going into your subscriptions section on your account menu. PLUS, Amazon sends you an email BEFORE sending your next shipment, so you have plenty of time to cancel before the shipment is sent, if you desire–assuming you check your email regularly. Amazon also gives you the option to skip a single shipment, change shipment frequency, or add an extra shipment.

4. Price can change between shipments

Just like all the products on Amazon’s website, the prices of their Subscribe and Save items can fluctuate over time. So even if you sign up for a Subscribe and Save item at one price, the cost of the item may change by the time of your next shipment. Amazon will email you with the current price before shipping–but they won’t tell you what you paid last time: that’s something you’ll need to check out each time for yourself.

5. No Prime Shipping = Slower Shipping

Even if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you won’t get Prime shipping on Subscribe and Save items. Which means you can’t wait until the last minute to request an extra shipment, if you need one. On the good side, if you’re NOT a Prime member, you’ll get free shipping–even if your Subscribe and Save order doesn’t meet Amazon’s normal $25 minimum for Super Saver Shipping.


All things considered, Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program can save you a significant amount of money on products you’d buy, anyway–but you do need to monitor your subscriptions. Always compare the new shipment prices with what you’ve paid previously to make sure it’s still a good deal for you. And of course, you may need to change your shipment frequency–either up or down–if you find you’re either running out of the item too quickly or that you’ve still got a lot on hand and need to delay a shipment or two. Personally, I ALWAYS sign up for the Subscribe and Save option when it’s offered on a product I’m buying–and it’s saved me a ton of money.


Sign up for (or learn more about) the Amazon Subscribe and Save program.

Sign up for (or learn more about) the Amazon Subscribe and Save program.

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