How to Watch Star Trek Online–For Free! | A New Benefit for Amazon Prime Members

by Nindo Mom on August 19, 2011

Amazon recently announced that it’s just added another 2,000+ additional FREE streaming TV shows and movies for Amazon Prime members. Included in these new additions is the entire Star Trek series! We’re talking the original Star Trek, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Next Generation, and Star Trek Enterprise. Yup, all of them!

But it turns out that if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, Amazon won’t let you pay to watch Star Trek episodes online–at least, not right now. According to Amazon, this is because of their current licensing agreements. So basically, if you want to watch Star Trek online through Amazon, it’s going to be free. And, you have to be a paid Amazon Prime member.

(Being a paid Prime member simply means that you’re not currently on a free Amazon Prime trial, nor are you getting free Prime shipping through the Amazon Mom or Amazon Student program.)

The good news is that, at $79/year, Amazon Prime is pretty affordable. The cost equates to less than $6.59 per month–about the price of a combo meal from a fast food restaurant. And for that price, you not only get to watch thousands of free TV shows and movies, you also get free 2-day shipping on most of the items shipped and sold through Amazon.

Amazon has been offering Prime members free streaming video for a while now–but until recently, they weren’t offering much that interested me. A lot of what they offered was older shows that I could pick up at the library and borrow for free. But with the entire Star Trek TV series now available, it’s an entirely different story! These series aren’t available at my library–I know, because I’ve looked. So I’m really excited about being able to start from the very beginning of the series and have my son watch it along with me.  (Star Trek is a show that teaches great lessons, inspires thinking about right and wrong, and provides a hopeful image of mankind’s future. In short, it makes for great entertainment that you can feel good about sitting down with your family and watching together.)

I’ve been a huge Star Trek fan since I was a little kid, and I’d love to buy all the series on Blu-ray–but unfortunately, the Star Trek series collection is so vast, a person could go broke–at least for a while–trying to buy them all. But now, I can get my weekly Star Trek fix without my pocketbook having to keep up with my TV viewing.  :)


Check out’s selection of  free online streaming TV and movies. You do need to join Amazon Prime to get the benefit of watching Star Trek and other TV series and movies online–but considering the added bonus of getting free 2-day shipping, it’s really a hard offer to pass up.  Not only can you save on shipping, but you’ll save money on entertainment for your family–because an evening at home spent watching TV and movies is a whole lot cheaper than most other forms of entertainment like going out to the movies, dining out, going bowling, etc.

If you prefer to try Amazon Prime out for free before taking the plunge, you can sign up for a  30-dayFree Amazon Prime Trial and get free 2-day shipping. (Though you’ll have to become a fully-paid member before you can watch Star Trek and the other selections of free online TV and movies.)

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