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Easy Chocolate Icing Drizzle Recipe | Using Willy Wonka Chocolate

by Nindo Mom on July 16, 2011

I’m always working on new recipes–so when my son and I got on our cream puff kick, I worked on some different recipes for icings to use on our new favorite pastries. This recipe is one of my favorites at the moment because it’s got a great chocolate flavor, and because it’s usually applied in smaller quantities (when compared with frostings), so I don’t feel so overwhelmed by the flavor. Plus, it allows me to use up extra bits of chocolate I may have lying around from the holidays–in this case, Willy Wonka chocolate pieces.

This recipe is very easy to make, requiring only three simple ingredients and no more cooking than a bit of  warming in a microwave. And for such a simple recipe, the results are quite delicious. This icing can be used to add an extra chocolatey punch to cakes, pastries, cookies, ice cream, or even topping unsweetened cereal.

Ingredients for Willy Wonka Chocolate Icing:

  • 8 squares Willy Wonka Dark Domed Chocolate Pieces (74 grams), unwrapped
  • 3 T whole milk
  • 1 cup confectioners (powdered) sugar

Instructions for How to Make Chocolate Icing:

  1. In a microwavable bowl large enough to easily hold all ingredients, place Willy Wonka Chocolate pieces in bowl and microwave on high for 1 minute, 10 seconds.

    Willy Wonka chocolate, melted in the microwave for 1 minute 40 seconds and stirred briskly.

  2. Remove bowl and stir chocolate, if possible. Return to microwave.
  3. Heat for 10 seconds at a time, stirring after each repetition, until chocolate is just warm enough to be completely smooth when stirred. (This will take a total of 1 minute 40 seconds in a 1200 watt microwave–slightly longer in a lower wattage oven.)
  4. Briskly stir in 1 T of the milk, followed by 1/4 cup of the  sugar.
  5. Continue alternate adding milk and sugar, stirring briskly after each addition.
  6. Icing should be thin enough to drizzle, but thick enough not to run off cake or pastry.

Ingredient Substitutions:

If you don’t happen to have any Willy Wonka chocolate hanging around, you may substitute an equal weight of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate of your choice.

Tips and Tricks:

How to fix icing that’s too thick:

Add one additional milk, 1 tsp at a time until mixture is desired consistency.

How to fix icing that’s too thin:

Add additional powdered sugar, 1 tsp at a time until mixture is desired consistency.

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