Could Watching TV Be Good For You? | Nindo Mom Says YES!

by Nindo Mom on June 18, 2011

We always hear about all the reasons that watching TV is terrible for you–

but what about the benefits?

TV is part of my family’s daily life, just as it is for most Americans–and I don’t happen to think that’s a bad thing. Too much of just about anything can have a negative impact–which is the trap that many people end up falling into when it comes to watching television.

1. Health and Exercise

Watching TV is bad because:

too much can lead to a person being overweight–perhaps even obese–when watching TV takes the place of physical activity.

On the other hand . . .

Since no one (that I know, anyway) exercises from the time they come home to the time they go to bed, it’s quite possible for a person to watch TV AND exercise each day. In other words, TV does not have to take the place of exercise in a person’s life: the two activities can exist harmoniously.

2.Separation from Real Human Beings

Watching TV is bad because:

it can lead to less interaction with real people–family, friends, and even future friends. Which means less emotional support in times of trouble, less frequent exchange of ideas, and fewer opportunities in life that come from having relationships with other people.

On the other hand . . .

TV can also bring people together. Whether it’s buddies getting together to watch the game on Sunday, watching a great 3-D Blu-ray film with your kids, a group of friends rubbing elbows while watching the newest episode of Supernatural, or maybe even enjoying a good romantic comedy with a guy or gal you’ve recently started dating, watching TV can be a fun activity to share.

In addition, TV can actually inspire viewers to travel and see places that are new and exciting.

3. The Stupid Factor

Watching TV is bad because:

it can dull the mind by eliminating opportunities for real learning through real life experience. After all, when a person is planted on the couch watching TV, they aren’t experiencing life up close and personal.

On the other hand . . .

There are many quality educational television programs available today. Some examples include History International, the Discovery Channel, Biography, the History Channel, the Weather Channel, Animal Planet, and many others. In addition to television channels designed to be educational and informative, other programming such as animated movies and sit-coms can introduce ideas and perspectives that viewers may never have considered. And new ideas can lead to learning.

4. Negativity

Watching TV is bad because:

too much negative programming–such as the fear-based stories often seen on the daily news–can encourage viewers to have a negative perspective on life. This can even generate fear.

On the other hand . . .

many television programs can be uplifting–even inspiring.

When a TV show tells a story that touches a person, it can help them see their own life from a different perspective. The viewer can take a mental break from their own problems and daily challenges. At the same time, the viewer can keep up with what’s going on in the world, which can foster a sense of connectedness to his or her community. Even watching popular TV series such as Supernatural, The Office, The Simpsons, etc., can give viewers a common reference point that they can talk about with friends, family, coworkers–and even the person standing next to them in the grocery store checkout line.

The Final Call

I’m not suggesting that watching TV should get a blanket approval–because the truth is, it’s very easy to abuse. And when it gets out of hand, it can certainly lead to the “Reasons Watching TV is Bad” examples mentioned earlier. But when enjoyed in a reasonable amount–and not in excess–and assuming it’s not permitted to replace exercise, socializing, and connecting with the real world, TV can add plenty of enjoyment and other benefits to our lives and the lives of our family members.

To get a clear perspective on the role TV already plays in your family, try keeping an activity journal for a few weeks. Then take an honest look at how TV is being watched by your family and what other activities they’re involved in. When you see things in black and white, it becomes much easier to decide what changes to make so TV can be a positive influence–as well as a fun activity–in your life.

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