Best New 3D Family Movies — Made Just For Your 3D TV

by Nindo Mom on May 20, 2011

1.Mars Needs Moms

Okay, I don’t remember this movie coming out in the theaters, so it must have been in and out in the snap of a finger.

Disney has just announced the release of Mars Needs Moms–also known internationally as Mars Needs Mums–on DVD. Even better, Disney’s offering the film on 3D Bluray! The premise of the film is that Martians come to planet Earth to capture some moms to take back with them.

This looks like a cute movie. I’m glad I didn’t watch it at the theater, since that would have meant another $50 or so, on top of the cost of purchasing the Bluray later–but I’ll definitely be willing to shell out $30 or so to get the 3D version to watch at home.

The release date for this feature is August 9, 2011, but it’s available for preorder now.

2. The Lion King

Disney’s rendition of The Lion King is one of my favorite films–so of course, I’m thrilled to see that it’s being released on 3D Bluray. This is one of those movies that I’ll love regardless of what age I am. I hope my son will feel the same–but even if he doesn’t, I’m still getting this baby for me!

The Lion King Reviews on Amazon

3. Gnomeo and Juliet

I meant to see this film in the theater, but somehow I managed to miss it. That’s one reason this film is on my radar; another is that I’ve always had a thing for gnomes. Before you start getting the wrong idea, let me explain: from the time I was 10 years old, I remember pouring over a large hardback book my mother had purchased for herself, appropriately called Gnomes. At that time, my mother swore to me that gnomes were real, even though a lot of people refused to believe in them. I realize now that, as an adult, I never actually asked her if she seriously believed what she was telling me….

At any rate, I still have this lingering attraction to gnomes–so I’ll be getting this 3D Bluray for my collection.

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4. I Am Number Four

I DID manage to see this movie in the theater–with my 10-year-0ld son–and we both loved it. If I were being objective, I’d say the average action/superhero-type moviegoer would probably rat the the film at about 7 on a scale of 10. But for people like me who find something in this movie that truly moves them, you’re gonna rack this film up to 8 or 9–and it’ll definitely be worth adding to your personal movie collection.

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5. The Green Hornet

Looking back, I wonder how I’ve managed to miss so many movies that I wanted to see while they were still in the theater. I guess it comes from being a busy working single mom who’s blogging during all the hours she’s not spending time with her son or trying to cook something from scratch. Hmmm. Anyway, I’m gonna put in my order for Green Hornet as soon as I finish with this post, because I can’t bear to miss a superhero movie…

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