3 Ideas for Life-Changing Mother’s Day Gifts

by Nindo Mom on April 28, 2011

No, I’m not kidding. Change doesn’t have to be big, after all–it just has to be “different.”

When I’m thinking about gift-giving, I always consider first how I can change the recipients life for the better. It’s what you’d call “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Exactly which gift you choose is going to depend on the recipient, of course–what their interests are and what sort of change would be most exciting for them.

A Few Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts to Order Now:

1. Kindle Wireless Reading Device

For the mom who loves to read, a Kindle with free global Internet access could be the perfect fit. (Be sure to read my article 8 Reaons Moms Love the Amazon Kindle.) The global access allows readers to visit Amazon’s website from anywhere, no matter what they’re doing, to browse, choose, and download a free or paid title whenever the mood strikes. This digital book-reading device offered by Amazon.com can really transform the way a reader reads–even if they don’t gravitate completely away from physical books. Not only does a Kindle take up a tiny, tiny fraction of the space that a book does on a bookshelf, but it has the tremendous benefit of offering on-demand books. (In other words, a reader can download a new book and start reading it within minutes from when they decided which book they wanted.) Plus, Amazon offers nearly a million free Kindle books for instant download. One Kindle model–the Kindle DX–has an even larger screen. Sweet!

2. Art Supplies

Has your mom always wanted to funnel her creative impulses into something, but never made the time because she was always focusing on her family? Or maybe she just never spent money on something that was just for her, and not for the whole family? I know lots of moms that fall into this category. Drawing paper, an artist’s table, paint, canvas, brushes, pencils, markers, pastels, clay, art books, a pottery wheel–the possibilities are practically endless, and there’s something for every budget range.

3. Language Learning Software

I can’t count the number of moms I’ve heard say “I wish I could speak another language!” Taking foreign language classes at a local college can be one solution. But language learning software is generally a lot cheaper, not to mention more convenient. As with any classes, at-home or otherwise, a language learning program does require that the recipient be willing to commit the time required to learn the material–but it’s certainly a truly valuable gift that can actually improve the person. Two top language learning software brands are Rosetta Stone and Fluenze because they make a new language easier to learn.

Have different ideas on what makes the perfect Mother’s Day present? Drop us a note!

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