Japan’s Tsunami Tragedy – Could There Be a Silver Lining?

by Nindo Mom on March 12, 2011

I was watching the video footage of the tsunami that raked Japan on Friday, and it literally brought tears to my eyes.

Watching the roaring mass of muddy waters washing through the neighborhoods was heart-rending. Most of the time, all that was visible were the flat tops of some of the larger buildings. Just as I was telling my son that I would have gotten to the top of one of those buildings to avoid the waters, we saw that several people had done just that — they were on the roofs, waving for help. This vision brought even more tears to my eyes as I realized how much I had in common with these people.

After spending a good amount of time glued to the television and feeling helpless, I was determined to find a silver lining in this whole situation — no matter how slight. Here’s what I cam up with:

1. We Have Much to Be Grateful For

It’s so easy — and perfectly normal — to let our personal difficulties seem all-important and all-encompassing. But when we see a nation like Japan devastated in less than an hour, it’s easier to see our own lives objectively. And then, things often don’t seem seem as bad. And then, we can look at what — and whom — we have in our own lives, and how lucky we really are.

2. Take This Opportunity to Help — and Teach Kids By Example

As the people of Japan undergo tragedy, we have a tremendous opportunity to help make a real difference to those in need — and show our children by example how to do the same.

The Huffington Post has a great article on How to Help Japan.

3. Plan for Future Disasters — and Lessen Their Impact

Disasters often strike without warning. Seeing this tragedy can serve as a reminder that we need to make plans to avoid the unexpected disasters in your life. Preparations can include setting aside money for a rainy day, preparing for a snow storm, writing an emergency plan for your family, taking precautions in case of flooding, etc.

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