8 Reasons Moms Love the Amazon Kindle

by Nindo Mom on March 9, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, I think the Kindle is Awesome, for several reasons. The following are reasons that moms will love the Kindle.

Kindle Benefits For Moms:

  1. Takes Very Little Space in Your House, Luggage, or Tote Bag — The Kindle’s so small, you can pretty much take it anywhere you’d take a paperback.  (It’s a lot thinner, although its exterior dimensions are someone larger.) Toss it in your bag before you go to work, and you can get some good reading time in during your lunch hour–or while you wait for your child to finish their after school activity.
  2. Durable — Don’t get me wrong on this–the Kindle is a piece of electronics and should be treated as such. But when compared to a regular paperback novel, you’ll see that the Kindle is actually sturdier than the book, in some ways–especially when protected by one of the many available covers. Kindle won’t get folds in the cover or damaged page edges the way a paperback often can when it’s tossed into your purse. However, a Squaretrade warranty might be a good idea (they’re available right on Amazon for the Kindle) if you think there’s any chance that a juice box might get tossed in your purse along with your Kindle….
  3. Text that’s Easy to Read — Recent models of the Kindle use a new technology that makes the text on the screen look almost indistinguishable from a real printed page. The screen is non-glare, so reading in direct sunlight (like lounging in your back yard, or even at the beach) isn’t a problem. Plus, if you’re reading in an area that is less well lit, the Kindle can actually be easier to read because the screen has an adjustable contrast. Easier to read means less eye strain and more overall feeling good.
  4. Huge Instant Selection — When you have a Kindle, you’ll have instant access to 850,000 titles, including nearly all New York Times bestsellers. This means you don’t have to think ahead about what you’ll want to read in a week–you can download it on a whim, and have it a minute later. Even if it’s not a whim, you have to admit that downloading a book is a lot faster–and more convenient–than making a trip to the bookstore. And since you browse the selection online, it’s always easy to let your kids look through the titles with you. They may be even more excited to read if they get to pick out there own books online.
  5. Free Books! — Who doesn’t love free stuff? There are something like 1.8 million classic books (no longer under copyright) that you can download completely for free with the Kindle. Yet you certainly couldn’t get these same publications for free in hard copy form.
  6. Holds up to 3,500 titles — You could literally have a library of books available to read on one tiny Kindle.This means less “things” to have to pick up, put away, and dust in your home. And, they won’t get mildewy!
  7. Save Money Over Book Purchases — Frequently, the Kindle version of a book is cheaper than Amazon.com’s normal low price. Just be sure to double check, though, because this is not ALWAYS the case.
  8. Kindle is Good for More than Just Books — Did you know that many blogs are available for subscription on Kindle? NindoMom will be available soon! You can also get your favorite magazine and newspaper subscriptions on Kindle, which means no more worrying if you remembered to send off the payment this month. And, you don’t have to worry about issues ever not being delivered issues getting damaged during delivery. (Although I don’t think they’ve quite got the newspaper coupons thing figured out yet….darn it.)

Kindle is super-cool, but I doubt it will ever completely take the place of books, for me. I love real books too much! However, the Kindle is an awesome new toy that sports some features that regular books don’t, so it’s a good addition to your library–if only to hold some of the nearly 2 million free classic books!

You can check out Amazon’s stock of Kindle stuff, as well as reviews for Kindle, at the Amazon Kindle Store.

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