Is the McDonald’s Rumor True? – Is a McLobster Sandwich Coming Soon to a Restaurant Near You?

by Nindo Mom on March 3, 2011

The McLobster. I had never heard about this sandwich until today–and maybe I didn’t want to.

Lobster is a delicacy that’s healthy, delicious–and frankly, too expensive to be a part of my family’s regular menu.  With an average price of 12.99 per pound, this is twice the price of the Laura’s Lean Beef organic hamburger I buy every week.

McDonald’s is not the first company you think of when you think of quality; rather, McDonald’s is a place to go for inexpensive, fast food. So the idea of McDonald’s–a “low rent” sort of restaurant–providing a Lobster entree would seem to be contradictory.

What about the McDonald’s rumor?

According to the Huffington Post, McDonalds has denied that a McLobster sandwich will be released nationwide–although there IS such a sandwich available at McDonald’s restaurants in New England. You can view a McDonalds McLobster Commercial on the upper right hand corner of this page.

McDonald’s has long been known to offer certain items only in certain parts of the United States – or the world.

Some Unusual McDonald’s Menu Items

Poutine – french fries drenched in beef gravy and cheese curd, very popular in the areas where it’s offered–Canada being one.

McRib – offered for one month out of the year. Boneless pork patty smothered in barbecue sauce, served on a roll with 2 slices of pickle and slivered onions

Deli Choices sandwiches – currently being test-marketed in the U.S. Offered in Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, and Britain

McCrab – offered at McDonald’s locations along the southern coat of the Delmarva peninsula

McRice – yup, you guessed it. It’s rice with a “Mc” added to it. Served in Asian countries, where it’s in high demand.

McRice Burger – Chicken or Beef patty enclosed in 2 pressed rice patties instead of rolls. Available in the Philippines.

McVeggie Burger – Vegetarian Burger. Served in India and Slovenia

Paneer Salsa Wrap – Served in India

McAloo Tiki – Breaded potato patty, topped with onion and tomato. Served in India

Beer – served at McDonald’s restaurants in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, and Italy

Frozen Cokes – offered at restaurants in New Zealand and Australia

Cheese Pies – available in McDonald’s restaurants in Mexico

Philly Cheesesteak – topped with cheese spread and bell pepper, it’s offered in McDonald’s restaurants in Canada

Ebi-Chiki Set – 2 shrimp nuggets and 3 chicken nuggets, served in Japan

Ebi Filet-O-Shrimp – Shrimp burger with special sauce and lettuce, served in Japan

Shaka Shaka Chicken – Fried chicken patty served in a paper pouch. Comes with seasonings that are shaken in the bag, served in Japan

McSpaghetti – spaghetti noodles served in sweet tomato sauce, hot dogs and grated pasteurized cheese, served in the Philippines

Hamdesal – pandesal bun served with pineapple glaze syrup with mayonnaise and Canadian bacon. It also comes with scrambled egg, cheese or both, served in McDonald’s restaurants in the Philippines

Seriously, there’s lots more. And McDonald’s is always experimenting with new offerings in different parts of the world to expand their market share.

Personally, I feel strongly about cooking at home as often as possible for a variety of reasons – because it’s usually cheaper, healthier, and tastier – but I will eat out occasionally. McDonald’s in on the “visit rarely list” due to the relatively low quality of the food, but I admit, I’m curious to try some of these concoctions. But then, if I’m in Japan, I don’t know that McDonald’s will be the first place that comes to mind when I’m ready to go for some lunch. Of course, my son may have other ideas . . .

And that’s the clincher. If you’re traveling abroad with your family and you come across a restaurant name you know from back home – like McDonald’s – this, at least, will be somewhere you can take the kids and be fairly certain they’ll eat food. Which is important, when you’re traveling. Wouldn’t you agree? :)

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Susan August 9, 2013 at 3:59 PM

One bite? Well, you hit that correctly! Have been seeing this advertised, I love seafood and I will say I don’t eat at fast food restaurants much if at all. To top it off, I have NEVER craved anything from McDonalds.
Broke down and had to try this on my way to Toronto one evening. Waited ten minutes for it, it cost me $8. Plus change. Took it out to my car, had a look, I opened the package up to a dry toasted bun with an ice cream scoop sized blob of mushy watery salad with little bits of what could have been lobster. I was given no napkins, so I spead the mush over the bun with my finger. Had one bite, put it back in the package it came in, walked back into the restaurant, handed it to the cashier while uttering…”just wanted to let you know, this is disgusting!” I walked out And was on my way. One bite and for the rest of the evening, that was all I could taste. Lesson… Do not fall prey to commercials, especially McDonalds.


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