6 Top Features of the Amazon Kindle – and Why They’re Cool

by Nindo Mom on February 21, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I have decided that the Amazon e-book reader–called the Kindle–is pretty awesome. And as Amazon’s top-selling product, it seems that the more book lovers and reading enthusiasts hear about the Kindle, the more they’re eager to try it out for themselves.

The following are a few of the Kindle’s top features.

  1. High-contrast E Ink Screen with Pearl Technology

    The E Ink Pearl display has quite a different look than the LCDs you’re probably used to looking at—such as those used on the iPhones and Android phones. The popular high definition screens are beautiful to behold, to be sure. But when reading large amounts of text, the Kindle’s display technology is far superior.

    Until I saw it with my own eyes, I had no idea a digital display could look the way the Kindle does. It’s perfectly clear and looks almost exactly like a printed page. Except that it’s even better because the Kindle has an adjustable brightness, so it’s even easier than a normal book to read in various lighting conditions.

  2. Readable in Bright Sunlight

    LCD screens can be really hard to read in direct sunlight. I’ve seen this problem firsthand with people trying to play the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS in the car—or anywhere outdoors. If the sun is too bright, the screen on these portable gaming systems can barely be seen. The Kindle, however, does not seem to suffer from the problem seen with LCD screens; Kindle looks very much like an actual printed page.

  3. Easy to Handle – and Easy to Store

    Kindle is light as 8.5 ounces (18.9 ounces for the Kindle DX, which has a larger screen) and thinner than a magazine. So not only is the Kindle easy to carry around with you, it’s much easier to find a place for on your bookshelf. You could literally download a room full of books onto this one tiny hand-held device.

    Because of the exceptionally small amount of the space the Kindle takes up, it’s awesome to take along when you’re traveling–whether it’s a trip overseas or just a road trip for the weekend. And with the wide selection of kids’ titles available on the Kindle, this little baby is fantastic for keeping the kids entertained. And, you don’t have to bring a whole bag full of books – just the Kindle will do.

  4. Plenty of Memory For all Your Favorites

    The Kindle can hold 3,500 books for your reading pleasure. Of course, you may choose to use some of that vast storage space for your favorite blog subscriptions, Kindle games, or digital magazines or newspapers.

  5. Long Battery Life

    The Kindle’s charge can last up to a month with wireless turned off. (If wireless is turned on all the time, the Kindle’s charge can last up to three weeks.) When the Kindle finally runs low on power, it’s no big deal—because it’s rechargeable, so you won’t ever pay for batteries.

  6. Built-In Wireless

    With Kindle’s built-in wireless, it’s easy to hook up to the Internet at home to your wireless Internet connection—or at wireless hot spots that are popping up at more and more spots around the country such as those at Borders Books and Music, Chik-fil-a restaurants, McDonald’s restaurants, and many others.

The Amazon Kindle Store offers three versions of the Kindle, as well as tons of accessories to personalize your Kindle.

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