5 Cool Ways to Celebrate Presidents’ Day with Your Family

by Nindo Mom on February 16, 2011

Originally known as George Washington’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day is not a day that Americans honor all their past presidents. Presidents’ Day falls on the third Monday of February each year; in 2011, Presidents’ Day is February 21.

I’ll admit, Presidents’ Day isn’t exactly my favorite holiday. The best thing about the day is that I get the day off with my son.

Since Presidents’ Day isn’t one of the “touchy-feely” holidays or one of the “family togetherness” holidays, I’ve often had to really put some thought into what would be an appropriate activity to participate in with my family–aside from just enjoying the day off work and school. (And no, I don’t consider shopping the Presidents’ Day sales a family activity.)

The ideas I’ve come up with for celebrating Presidents’ Day with my family are a combination of fun and education. This started because my son asked the understandable question–“What is Presidents’ Day for?” Now, Presidents’ Day is a day that my son and I do something patriotic-related–which isn’t too difficult, because we only live a short distance from the Nation’s Capital.

Here are some ideas of what to do with your family on Presidents’ Day:

1. Visit Local Museums

Living just south of Washington, D.C., is a tremendous benefit when it comes to visiting museums. D.C. has a plethora of museums to choose from, including the Museum of Natural History, the Spy Museum, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Newseum, and the Smithsonian Institution museums of American History, American Art, Air and Space . . . and the list goes on.

2. Visit the White House

This is a great opportunity to see the place where the President of the United States makes all the important decisions.

3. Attend a local Presidents’ Day Parade

4. Watch a Movie about Presidents – at Home with Your Family

You can either rent or buy a film. (Either way, Amazon usually has the best prices for film purchase or online rental). And there are lots of President-related films to choose from, both fictional and non-fictional. Here are a few titles to consider:

5. Make Presidents’ Day Crafts

One great resource for Presidents’ Day crafts is www.Kaboose.com. I just recently discovered this site, but it looks awesome! Kaboose.com offers craft ideas for kids for a bunch of different holidays. Presidents’ Day craft ideas on the site include instructions for making an old-fashioned powdered wig, a future president pin, a paper plate Abe Lincoln hat, and much, much more!

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