Kindle Apps for Free! – Another Reason I Decided the Amazon Kindle Is Awesome

by Nindo Mom on February 13, 2011

In the first episode of Why I Decided the Amazon Kindle Is Awesome, I told you a bunch of places to get free downloadible books.

Today, I’m going to show you how to get Kindle apps for free. Kindle’s free apps is one of the things that’s great about it. With them, any person can read Kindle content offered on Amazon without having to actually buy the Kindle; instead, you use your Windows of Mac computer, Iphone, Blackberry, Ipad, Android phone, or Windows 7 phone. (Amazon has even made an online TV commercial for their Kindle reading apps.)

Here is where to get the Kindle apps for free.

I will say this–the Kindle device is particularly well-tailored for reading Kindle content; this kind of goes without saying. But I, for one, think it’s pretty cool to be able to check out the Kindle content on BEFORE deciding whether to purchase the Kindle, itself. Sort of a try-and-buy for the content.

What You’ll Find at the Amazon Kindle Store – Including Free Books and Games

Amazon’s Kindle store offers an impressive variety of Kindle content–some that took me by surprise. They’ve got the three Kindle models, of course, including the Kindle DX with Free global 3G (9.7 inch display), the Kindle 3G with Free 3G + Wi-Fi (6 inch display), and the Kindle Wireless (6 inch display). In addition to the Kindle units, themselves, Amazon’s Kindle Store offers a selection of more than 810,000 books — including nearly all of the New York Times bestsellers, thousands of classic free ebooks, Kindle accessories like protective gear, reading lights, and chargers, and games.

The games is what really came as a surprise to me, because I hadn’t realized the Kindle would have a processor capable of handling games. The Kindle games may be a far cry from being Playstation 3 quality–having taken a look at a few, I’d say they’re more along the lines of what you might expect to see on an older Nintendo system (no disrespect intended to Nintendo). The lines of the games are clean, in terms of resolution, but very simple, and most of them are card or board-style games like solitare, Scrabble, and hangman.

The most popular Kindle games currently being offered, according to Amazon, are Triple Town–a puzzle strategy game, Panda Poet–a word game, and EA Solitare–a 12 card game package. Each of these games only costs a couple of bucks. There are lots of other Kindle games that are worth checking out, if only to add a little multi-functionality to your Kindle device, once you decide to buy one–and some of the games are even free!


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