Beware: Are You Guilty Of These 3 Common Valentine’s Day Mistakes?

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by Nindo Mom on February 8, 2011

#1    Do you wait until the last minute to shop?

Without fail, waiting until the last minute to finalize purchasing your gifts causes all kinds of problems–at least, it always seems that way, for me. When you wait too long to shop, the store always seems to be out of stock on whatever you were planning to buy–then, you’re either stuck with buying something really cheesy, or something way more expensive than you planned.

What’s the Solution?

Consider giving the gift of music–in the form of MP3s. has a wide selection of MP3s–and they even tell you how to send them as gifts. Just visit Amazon’s MP3s page and pick what’s appropriate for that special person in your life. They’ve got the music separated  into categories–some of which are pretty hilarious–including “true love,” “hot date,” “anti-romantic,” and “the ex who wants you back.” :)

Another Solution: gift cards!

What I like about Amazon’s gift cards is that you can send them to your friend, family member, significant other, etc. several different ways: through the mail (with a greeting card), via their Facebook page, through email, and printed out on your home printer. We all know some people are all over FaceBook–while others may not even own a computer. So whatever format your person is most comfortable with, Amazon’s gift cards can accommodate them–and you!

Another good thing about Amazon’s gift cards is that they can be used for anything on Amazon’s website–and with Amazon’s huge selection of products, gift card recipients will have a lot more to choose from than if their gift card was for a local department or book store.

#2    Do you buy candy – and other stuff – for yourself, when you’re supposed to be shopping for other people?

Right now, candy and any other gift remotely related to Valentine’s Day is selling for a premium price. Retailers know what you’re buying, and they’re going to be charging top-dollar for it, as long as people are willing to pay their price.

What’s the Solution?

To save yourself a boatload of cash—well, a good amount, anyway—hold off on those purchases for yourself until the day after Valentine’s Day, when all that merchandise will be on sale. Isn’t waiting one day worth getting that item at half price? Do you really need those sweets that bad?

I won’t say I’ve never made this mistake before—but I do try to resist temptation. I’m lucky, too, because my son is always so eager to share with me whatever I get for him, I don’t have to do completely without on Valentine’s Day. I just make sure I get him something that I like, too…

#3    Do you let the holiday “monster” take control of you?

This is so easy to do—with any holiday. As the holiday draws closer, you start getting pulled in all different directions as you try to “get everything done” that needs doing for the holiday to be “a success.”

Buying and sending Valentine’s Day cards, purchasing gifts, making cupcakes for (and helping out at) your kids’ school parties . . .

What’s the Solution?

Don’t lose site of what Valentine’s Day should really be about: spending time with the people most precious to you, and making memories you’ll think back on.

In the end . . .

It’s all a balancing act. Get things done, but don’t obsess it if you can’t accomplish everything you want. If we focus on our top priorities first, and so on down the line, we can minimize the damage of the Holiday Monster.

And believe me, nobody wants to see the Holiday Monster. Not husbands, nor wives, boyfriends or girlfriends–and least of all, our children . . . nobody wants to see the Holiday Monster on Valentine’s Day. They want to see you.

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