How President Obama is Like Your Mother

by Nindo Mom on February 7, 2011

What do I mean by such an odd-sounding statement?

With this situation in Egypt, President Obama has been navigating troubled waters–as your mother probably does with her children–and or not–during the holidays. Except that in Obama’s scenario, he’s got the Egyptian people–sibling #1–in one “chair’ sitting next to Egypt President Mubarak–sibling #2. They’re sitting at the same table, but they’re bickering like a son-of-a-)#I#$, and it’s getting quickly worse.

Obama is in a quandary. He wants to keep peace “at the table”–just like your mother. But he also wants to see things turn out right. So the question becomes how to guide the two parties to a peaceful resolution–the right resolution. Which, in a best-case scenario, would be that Egypt would allow free elections. But knowing that the ultimate outcome is not in his power to control, Obama’s got to be “political” in how he exerts his influence.

If only it were as easy as sending the siblings to their rooms until they agree to get along. And if only the people of Egypt and President Mubarak would both treat each other with love and respect–after they’re done fighting.

Maybe that’s exactly what will happen…

we can hope.

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