14 Reasons Parents Should Blog with Their Kids

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by Nindo Mom on February 5, 2011

Kids love to do what they see their parents doing. They also love computers and technology. So why not teach them what you know about blogging? And while you’re at it, you can teach them all about the skills related to blogging.

The kids’ software industry has learned to maximize young people’s love of technology to help accelerate their learning. Because kids love to look at digital content, the software has certain advantages over a flesh-and-blood teacher. Perhaps part of the reason is that viewing media represents something new and different from the norm–thus, it tends to be more stimulating.

You can take advantage of the seductive draw of computers–and of your kids’ desire to emulate you–to help your child learn valuable skills and lessons. How? Help your child build a blog. And if you’ve never created a blog, yourself, then you and your child can learn the process, together!

Reasons Parents Should Blog With Their Kids

With parents guidance, kids will get:

  1. Spelling practice
  2. Typing practice
  3. Grammar practice
  4. Editing photos experience
  5. Uploading photos experience
  6. Organizing their writing
  7. Practice with how to tell a story – with a beginning, middle, and end
  8. Experience with – and confidence with – computers
  9. Experience with what topics are appropriate – and inappropriate – to discuss in public venue
  10. Understanding of online safety
  11. Blogging skills — how to set one up, how to make entries, how to find blog on the Internet, etc.

Other Benefits to Blogging With Your Kids

  1. You’ll have shared experience / quality time together.
  2. You and your child will get to know each other better and gain insight into each other’s minds
  3. Kids will gain confidence – and pride in their work – when they see their words are printed on the Internet for the whole world to read!

How to Get Started  Blogging With Your Kids

Google offers free blog sites at www.Blogger.com. (There are other free blogging sites out there, but they’re not as well known.) Before you sit down to set up your blogger account, get a pen and notebook handy to record your username and password for your blog.

Once you’re on the site, the Blogger site will lead you through the simple process of setting up your blog. (You can set up additional blogs under the same username and password later, if you want.) Have your child sit with you through the entire process because this is part of the learning experience. Better yet, allow your child to type in all the necessary information as prompted by the system. Your child will be proud that he/she was able to accomplish this, and they’ll feel more confident about their ability to handle computers, in general.

Blogging Resources

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or just starting out, it might be helpful to check out these blogging resources on Amazon. You may learn things to help communicate important points about blogging to your kids that you may not yet know. The books can also be great guides for your kids to refer to–an informative resource for them in addition to your guidance.

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