12 Part-time Jobs to Increase Your Income – While Keeping Your Full-time Job

by Nindo Mom on February 2, 2011

Sometimes, bills can just creep up on you.

Maybe you’ve had a special event in your life that’s been extra-hard on your pocketbook. These kinds of events could include the birth of a child, a wedding, someone in the family attending college classes, medical procedures, or buying a house. Or maybe, hit by a recession that seems to be picking up ever so gradually, you accepted a full-time job that pays less than your last job–just until you can get something else. Whatever the case, if you’re bank account is under-funded, the answer may be for you to get a part-time job to boost the money you’re bringing in–at least temporarily.

You may be wondering what kind of part-time job would work with the full-time job you’ve already got.

When deciding on “extra income” jobs, consider your special skills and interests. Just about anything you do well can be made into a job that will bring in extra money. Some jobs may be the sort you apply for and work for someone else–others may be more like a contracted or freelance job, where you’re dealing directly with the client. What works best for you depends on your special skills, and how you’re most comfortable working.

Part-time Jobs to Boost Your Income

1. Child Care

Child care jobs can be found at your local church or daycare center; or, you can advertise your services on your own. (Be sure to check with your local childcare licensing board  to make sure you’re following the rules in your area, as some localities have laws regarding how often you can provide child care, and what sort of care you can provide, if you don’t hold a childcare license.)

In my years of being a mom, I have always found there to be an extreme lack of quality childcare available. Every time I had to change child care centers, it was always a tremendous ordeal. Not only were the fees expensive, but the hours the center would provide care were extremely limited. So any parent working a job with non-standard daytime hours would not have been able to use traditional daycare service.

To make matters worse, the daycare teachers (what the child care providers were called) never seemed to have much time for ANY of the children, because their attention was always split between so many.

What this means to you: there are lots of parents out there who work non-standard hours who are always looking for quality childcare. And if you can provide quality care, you’ve got a huge opportunity to make extra income with this kind of work.

2. Yard Work

Offering to do yard work–mowing lawns, planting flowers, weeding–can be a great way to earn some extra cash. And, it can be extremely helpful to families who don’t have time to deal with all the yard work, but don’t want their yard to turn into a big jungle.

3. Acting / Voiceovers

This kind of job can be a lot of fun for the artistically-minded person. Contact your local cable television facilities and radio stations to see if they need any actors for the commercials they produce. You’ll probably have to make a few calls before you get to the person you need to speak with–but if you’re interested in this kind of work, it’s worth the time.

4. Freelance Writing

There are numerous sources on the Internet that allow you to make money through freelance writing. These jobs usually require a bit of work to hunt down, but they’re great because they allow you to work from home. A few resources to check for freelance writing gigs include:

  • Craigslist.org, under the “writing gigs” section
  • DemandStudios.com
  • WAHM.com (Work At Home Moms)

7. Delivering Newspapers

The “paper boy” character you’ve seen in the movies isn’t usually a kid, nowadays. With larger routes to contend with, a motor vehicle becomes a necessity with today’s newspaper carrier positions–and that means, the jobs are for adults. Because newspapers must normally be delivered in the early morning hours, newspaper delivery jobs can be perfect for the person still working full-time.

8. Temporary Seasonal Jobs

If you live near a shopping center or mall, you may see certain shops move in just for the holidays, then move out again: these companies need temporary workers to man their stores while they’re up and running. Also, retail stores and restaurants may hire additional employees just for their busiest times. You’ll want to start checking for upcoming available jobs starting in October for the Christmas holidays, and April for summer seasonal work.

9. Open an Online Store

Popular (and lucrative) places to sell general merchandise online include Amazon.com, Ecrater.com, and Ebay.com. You can sell both new and used items–either your own, or great items you find at your local thrift store –at any of these sites. The possibilities of what you can sell are practically endless–so be sure to do your research as to what will obtain the highest profit.

10. Patient Advocate

Hospitals will frequently hire patient advocates to help ensure that the needs of patients are met in a timely manner.

11. Equipment Monitor

Also a position in many hospitals, individuals who fill these positions watch patient equipment and let a nurse or doctor know if any alarms start going off. Duties may vary from one hospital to another.

12. Caregiver Positions for Special Needs Individuals

Check your local yellow pages (or online) to find groups that provide care to individuals with special needs. One such group in Southern Maryland is called the ARC; but there are others. Individuals receiving care may need assistance with housekeeping, personal care, and other things, and must sometimes have overnight supervision. These kinds of positions can sometimes be very flexible, so can work well as a part-time job to supplement your income. And, you’ll be helping members of your community at the same time.


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