Nintendo 3DS – Is It Worth the Money? DS Features Comparison

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by Nindo Mom on January 20, 2011

Current Nintendo 3DS Availability: As of March 15, 2011, the Nintendo 3DS may be sold out for pre-orders in some stores; however, the the Nintendo 3DS is still available for preorder on! For the time being, at any rate.

If you’re interested in the 3DS, you can still pre-order a Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS or an Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS from Pre-ordering from Amazon is a win-win situation, because orders are tax free and you can always cancel your pre-order without any cost to you if you change your mind.


March 27th is the day, according to Nintendo, that their new 3D handheld portable gaming system will finally be available everywhere. And, the Nintendo 3DS for pre-order at (And with Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee, you’ll get the lower price if the console drops in price between now and the day it’s released.)

After many months of listening to the rumors, the day is finally (almost) here! My ten-year-old boy has been wanting the 3DS ever since he first heard about it back in early 2010. Now that it’s finally being released, I just have to figure out a way to delay my son until his birthday. Too bad his birthday is not long before next Christmas, because that means he has a while to wait–and I have a while to practice damage control!

For those of you who are wondering what’s so great about the Nintendo 3DS that Nintendo’s other portable units don’t have, I’ve constructed a chart at the top of this post to compare some of the basic features.

Nindo Mom’s Vote:  Best 3DS Features

1. 3D video games – without 3D glasses!

This is Nintendo’s main selling point for the unit. And it’s a nice compliment to the 3D High Def televisions that have just recently started coming out in the market. Except that the TVs require special battery-powered 3D glasses, while the 3DS needs NO glasses! As an added bonus, the 3D effect is adjustable with a depth slider on the right hand side of the console. Slide it all the way down, and the image is the standard 2D you’re used to.

2. 3D camera takes 3D photos!

This is an awesome selling point, in my opinion, and at least–if not more–exciting than the 3D display. I haven’t met a kid yet that doesn’t love to take photos. And it’s super-awesome that, with the 3DS, kids will now be able to both take and view 3D images right on their hand-held device. And this spiffy little guy actually boasts three camera lenses–2 on the outside to  create its cool 3D photos, 1 on the inside so kids can take images of themselves.

3. Software that’s fun–and unique.

The Nintendo 3DS has software called StreetPass™.  This is a new idea that expands the interactivity of handheld consoles. If a gamer sets their console to Sleep Mode, then carries it around with them–be it in a purse, pocket, bookbag, etc.–the console will automatically exchange certain game data, depending on what they’ve selected in the settings. Shareable info such as Mii™ characters, high game scores, and customized characters will exchange with other gamers as you walk by them–even if you never realize they’re carrying a 3DS with them!

This is a cool idea for a feature because, rather than causing the game player to stay holed up in their room playing their games, it actually encourages them to get out into the real world. Just go walking at the mall, at the county fair, at a concert–wherever, and you could pick up a ton of new stuff! It’s like a treasure hunt, except that you won’t know how much “booty” you’ve picked up until after you get home. (Unless you can’t wait, of course, and check periodically before then!)

Adults and kids, alike, should get a kick out of the new Nintendo 3DS. I personally can’t wait to get it for my son–so I can play with it, myself! Good thing my son likes to share….

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