Unusual Asian Snack – IMEI Blueberry Cakes – a Mini-Review

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by Nindo Mom on December 28, 2010

For Christmas this year, one of my friends gave me several of these tiny little blueberry cakes. They’re called IMEI cakes, and can be found (according to my friend) at Asian foods shops.

I tried looking these cakes up online and didn’t have much luck in finding them.

They’re very similar to a blueberry fig newton, but with a different shape. The taste wasn’t bad–and despite their similarities to our Newton friends, there’s definitely a different sort of taste to them that seems to indicate a more out-of-the-ordinary ingredient is being used. Or perhaps not being used, as might happen in the case with a preservative or two that we Americans seem to be so fond of putting in our food.

Yes, I would recommend these Mei cakes as a snack to keep around the house. They’re not super-sweet, but they do have a nice dried fruit taste about them. Although they don’t strike you as super-delicious as you’re eating them, they’re definitely good…and the flavor does grow on you, drawing you back to the pantry for more not long after you’ve had your first.

If you elect to cut them, as I did in the photo for this post, use a serrated knife and go slow, because they are a bit on the crumbly side.

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