7 MORE Gift Ideas for the Naruto Fan in Your Life – (Even if that Person Is You)

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by Nindo Mom on December 11, 2010

1. Drawing Set
A love of manga such as Naruto can inspire fans to try their hand at sketching, themselves. Sometimes, it’s fun to try to duplicate their favorite Naruto characters. (This is sometimes called “fan art.”) Or, new artists inspired by Naruto may create their own characters. You could purchase a pre-assembled Getting Started: Complete Manga Drawing Kit. Or, you can get a more complete kit by purchasing the supplies individually. A drawing set for manga might include:

Another awesome gift to consider that is along the same lines, but more techie-oriented is a digital sketch pad such as the top-rated Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet, which I recently purchased, myself. This electronic drawing tablet has 1,024 levels of sensitivity, and can be used with the included stylus or just with your fingers. This pad allows artists to “draw” on it’s surface and import the drawings directly into their computer for further editing. This is a tremendous timesaver for the artist using the manga software Manga Studio EX that I mentioned in yesterday’s post — Best Places to Find Naruto Gifts Online.

2. Shonen Jump Magazine Subscription
´╗┐The original magazine where Naruto was first officially published, each issue of Shonen Jump Magazine contains chapters of several popular manga, often including the infamous Naruto.

3. Rosetta Stone
Often, fans of manga and anime develop an interest in the Japanese language, because the manga and anime are originally created in Japan before being translated into English and imported for sale in the United States. Rosetta Stone is a super popular language learning software comes as a multi-lesson set (such as Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Japanese Level 1-3) or a single lesson (such as Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Japanese Level 1). For fans with an ongoing interest in the Japanese language, the multi-lesson set is a better bargain when you consider the price you’re paying per level. The single lesson is sometimes a more popular purchase for a parents who want to make sure their child will stick with the program before investing in the whole shebang.

4. Japanese Food Selection
Foods popular in Japan–and often consumed by the characters on the Naruto anime–can be fun for fans to enjoy, too. Items may include tea, ramen noodles, or snacks.

Sushi sets and Japanese tea kettles can also make super-fun gifts for fans of Japanese culture, and can get a lot of use over the years. Even better, they offer the recipients opportunities to share them with friends and family, garnering plenty of precious memories.

5. Naruto Trading Cards

6. Comic Convention Memorabilia
These items can be difficult to find, as they are often only produced for distribution at the comic book conventions and are made in very limited quantities. Unless you attend a convention personally to pick these items up, you may need to hunt them down from third-party sellers. Ebay is sometimes a good option–just be sure to only deal with reputable sellers.

7. Any of these Items for Other Anime or Manga Series
Often, Naruto fans will enjoy other anime or manga series, as well. Just be sure to research the series before selecting one to introduce to a young person, because some anime are tailored strictly to adults and should not be purchased for children.

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