7 Gift Ideas for the Naruto Fan in Your Life – (Even If That Person is You)

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by Nindo Mom on December 9, 2010

  1. Genuine Naruto Soundtrack
    The music used in the Naruto television series is both distinctive and emotionally moving. Although difficult to find, these soundtracks are truly beautiful works of audible art. Assuming you buy the genuine soundtrack and not a bootleg–which should be avoided at all costs due to quality and moral considerations, you will find Naruto and other Japanese anime soundtracks to be more expensive that you may be used to because they must be imported from overseas. The best place to obtain Naruto soundtracks is with a reputable online seller.
  2. Naruto dvd box set
    The dvds are must-have for any fan–and the most affordable way to get your hands on them is to go for the newest Naruto box sets–those produced starting in 2009–because they include more discs (and more episodes) per box. Which means these sets have the lowest price per episode.
  3. Naruto action figures
    Not just for kids but certainly popular with them, these figures come in a few different varieties. Some are more articulated and can be posed more easily, while others feature super-realistic details. But they’re all pretty much collectors items that are produced in extremely limited quantities. Though I’m always on the lookout for new releases, I’ve never found more than two or three figures in each series. Fortunately, sites like Amazon.com help to fill in the gaps of my Naruto figure collection.
  4. Costumes
    Lots of Naruto fans gather at comic conventions each year dressed up as their favorite character. Other fans dress up for Halloween. While others just dress up for the fun of it–especially the younger fans. Costumes can be hard to find pre-assembled, and most I’ve seen aren’t licensed (and Naruto’s creator gets zilch); and, when you do find them, they’re super-expensive, so they’re better off avoided. However, just take a look at a favorite Naruto Character’s clothing, hair, and accessories, and you can probably do a pretty good job of assembling a costume all on your own. If the character has unusual hair–which anime characters often do–you can pick up a wig from a beauty supply store. Or, save yourself some time (and probably some money, too), and grab one of the large variety of wigs on Amazon.com.
  5. Manga software
    Manga Studio is one of the most popular retail packages that helps make creating manga easy. Manga Studio EX
    is the full-verion of the software and retails for about $300–but it’s usually only half that price on Amazon.com. Manga Studio Debut
    is the more limited version of the software, but still a great learning tool for beginners, which retails for about fifty bucks–again, Amazon usually offers the software for about half that price, maybe less.
  6. Animation Software
    A popular casual user software package is Anime Studio. The full version is Anime Studio Pro, retailing for $199 but selling for about 30 percent off on Amazon. The limited version Anime Studio Debut which retails for $49.99, but sells for about half as much on Amazon.com.
  7. Naruto Manga
    The Naruto 2008 Box Set includes the first 27 books of the series. If the Naruto fan in your life doesn’t have the manga yet, getting the box set is a great way to get them affordably.

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