When is the Best Time to Decorate the Christmas Tree?

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by Nindo Mom on November 24, 2010

Nearly everyone I know–friends, family, and neighbors–agrees that Black Friday is the best day to put up the Christmas tree. Especially with artificial trees, which won’t dry out and become a fire hazard.

Not everyone agrees, of course, because the question of the exact ideal time to put up a Christmas tree  depends heavily on personal preference. And it’s also an answer that’s changeable, depending on the decade in which it’s asked. During the 1980’s, for example, most families seemed to feel that two weeks before Christmas was the ideal time to decorate the tree. Some families would even put up a tree as part of their Christmas Eve ritual–mine, included.

As “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” have been heavily promoted to increase holiday sales for retailers, it’s not surprising that many people have started thinking of the holidays–and thus, decorating for the holidays–several weeks in advance. (The media hasn’t given them much choice.)

5 Reasons to Decorate the Christmas Tree On Black Friday

1. Putting up and decorating your tree right after Thanksgiving maximizes the amount of time you’ll have to enjoy it. (But people are going to think you’re pretty nutty if you put your tree up before Thanksgiving, so DON’T DO IT! PLEASE!)

2. Having your tree up for longer will be a standing reminder–literally–to get your holiday plans, purchases, donations, etc., in order and taken care of in a timely fashion.

3. A decorated Christmas tree will remind the kids–and the adults–to be good. :)

4. Any guests you invite to your home when your tree is decorated will enjoy a special treat. In fact, why not invite them over just to see it? A glowing tree and servings of hot spiced apple cider can make for quite the relaxing evening.

5. Having your tree decorated for a longer period of time provides more opportunities for decorating activities with the family. Kids love making special ornaments, and stringing popcorn to adorn the branches can provide hours of fun.

When It’s Time to Pack Up

Box ornaments and wrap lights carefully when storing them for next year. No one wants to replace ornaments that were broken in the garage or attic when they could be expanding their collection! Not to mention, ornaments that have sentimental value can’t always be replaced.

And before you put those boxes away, be sure to pack with them any additional ornaments or decorations you picked up at a discount after Christmas. This way, they’ll be much easier to find!

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