UFO Sighting over New York City Were Escaped Balloons

by Nindo Mom on October 15, 2010

On Wednesday, October 13, at about 1 p.m., numerous tiny moving objects were spotted over Manhattan in New York City–specifically, in the region of West 23rd Street.

Some people are also saying that these strange orbs could be weather balloons, but if they were then the Federal Aviation Administration was not informed about the release of these weather balloons.

At FoxNews.com, they reported the following interesting quote from Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters:

“Some people saw something described as yellow with blue lights surrounding it. “

Apparently,  Peters also said his agency had not been notified of the launch of any weather balloons in the area.

According to UPI (United Press International, website at www.upi.com), the New York Daily news is reporting that officials at Milestone School in Mount Vernon said the objects were pearl balloons from a teacher’s engagement party.

To me, it was fairly obvious that the “UFOs” were balloons, based on the way they were floating in the sky. What is most notable about this situation is that people in Manhattan, as well as many thousands of people on the Internet, were more than ready to believe the balloons were spaceships belonging to little green men–or little purple men, or whatever.

People seem to be very open-minded about the prospect of visitors from other worlds visiting Earth–excited, even. This may be an indication that, when the real deal does show up in the skies over our big cities, people will be watching–and ready to believe. The question is, what will happen after that, when our “new friends” come down to greet us in a more up front and personal manner?

Will fear take over where excitement left off?

Here’s the YouTube video that caused all the hubub:

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