Lack of Facts Surrounding UFO Sighting in China

by Nindo Mom on October 7, 2010

According to ABC News, there have now been eight UFO sightings over China since June.

On July 8, an airport actually shut down for hours so that passenger jets wouldn’t crash into the object. ABC News reports that  officials (unnamed) have confirmed that the object in the sky was simply a military experiment.

I have a strong background in science, and keep an open mind about these things–meaning I like to hear all the facts before drawing the most reasonable conclusion. China is commonly understood to keep a tight rein on their press as they try to control what their citizens are aware of. Knowing this, a reasonable person would be understandably suspicious about claims by the “officials” regarding this incident.

Another question: why would the military perform experiments over a public airport, rather than around a government facility or a more remote location? And if they did choose to perform the experiment over a public airport, why would they fail to notify the airport, which could have notified planes in advance of the testing and avoid causing the airport to shut down?

If this UFO sighting was some sort of military test, there’s a lot of information missing. The facts that we have don’t seem to add up.

You can see a video of a UFO recently sighted over China at the ABC News website.

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