List Free Auctions on Ebay Through December 2010

by Nindo Mom on October 1, 2010

From September 28 through January 7, Ebay is allowing people to list their auction items for free, regardless of the starting price for which you’d like to list your item. Normally, Ebay charges a scaled listing price based on the starting price of the auction–the higher the start price, the higher the fee. With Ebay’s current sale, you’ll still be charged the final value fee if your item sells–but if your item doesn’t sell, you’ll incur no fee.

The free listing deal is good for up to 100 listings per month. Another way to think of this: you can list 25 items for 4 weeks/month.

It’s a good idea to read Ebay’s up-to-date official program rules before you start to list, because they may change their rules at any time.

I generally keep a handful of items listed on Ebay for 30-day fixed price listings. I may bump this up and add a lot of auctions as Christmas draws nearer, as this is when toy sales tend to skyrocket.

Ebay’s free auction listings deal is going to really help out because I won’t have to worry that I could lose money by listing too early, before people are buying a lot for the upcoming holiday season.

If you’ve considered listing auctions on Ebay, but haven’t tried it yet, right now is the perfect opportunity! For additional details on signing up for an Ebay account, check out my Ebay page.

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