Quaran-Buring Pastor Wavers In His Decision

by Nindo Mom on September 10, 2010

For the past few days, I’ve been hoping that this Florida Pastor threatening to burn theĀ  Quaran would come to his senses, and realize he’s not helping matters–he’s just escalating them.

Then, this morning, I was really relieved to hear that he had announced that he canceled his book-burning plans. But then in the afternoon, I saw a news article that reported he’s waffling back and forth and won’t say whether his plans are off, or on once again. Pastor Jones is quoted as saying “We are seriously, seriously, seriously considering not burning the Qurans. That is absolutely right,” by one CNN story.

This pastor does not seem to be thinking about things quite right. Either he can’t make up his mind about what to do, or he’s just trying to get as much attention as he can. Whatever the case, the pastor needs to consider for a moment that burning someone else’s sacred book is likely to do only one thing–make the other party furious. It’s not going to make them say “Hey, yeah, that guy is right! We should be nicer to Americans.”

I just hope that anyone hearing about this Pastor’s Quaran-burning shenanigans will understand that these are the words and actions of one crazy guy. And, just like the terrorists claiming they kill for Islam, this pastor can’t claim to speak for an entire religion.

One crazy guy shouldn’t make us all lose our collective cool.

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